HMS Illustrious Association

 to march at the Cenotaph in 2016

The HMS Illustrious Association will be marching at the Cenotaph for the first time on 13th Sepetmber 2016 after many of our members had voiced a wish to do so. We contacted the Royal British Legion and requested are are proud to say that we will march at this parade. In our application, we were asked why we felt that we should march, and we stated the following in this request:


In memory of the 83 sailors who sadly lost their lives in HMS Illustrious 4 on the 10th January 1941, whilst off the Italian Island of Pantelleria, she encountered sustained attacks by German Bombers and she was heavily damaged during this engagement.

Also in memory of those who lost their lives on the 17th October 1948 in Portland Harbour. Whilst returning to Illustrious where she was moored out in the Harbour a ship's pinnance boat, which had some 51 sailors onboard, got into difficulty shortly after 10pm, because the waters in Portland Harbour were particularly rough on that dark and stormy night,  sadly the boat began taking on water. Despite the utmost exertions from rescue parties from Illustrious and other ships in the harbor, 29 young sailors lost their lives.

In memory of all the 255 Service Personal, who lost their lives in Operation Corporate in 1982, for which members of the First Commission of HMS Illustrious were  recently awarded the SAM (without rosette) for serving in the ‘clear up’ operation until the runway was completed at RAF Stanley Mount Pleasant, on the 21 October 1982 when it was concluded after a recent review the campain officially ended.

And finally, to remember and honour those who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom.

March Proudly Illustrious!


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BY David Rogers for the HMS Illustrious Association